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Photo Credit: The Economic Club of Washington, D.C./Joshua Roberts

News coverage of The Economic Club of Washington, D.C.'s event on Sept 12 featuring the Honorable Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of the City of New York and Founder of Bloomberg LP. Watch video here.

Coverage includes:

  • CNN Money - Bloomberg: Democrats control deficit fight

  • NBC News - Andrew Mitchell Reports - Should US change policy in post-Arab Spring world?

  • New York Daily News - You all stink! Mayor Bloomberg rages at Washington pols on both sides of the aisle for economic woes

  • New York Post - NYC's $olution

  • PBS NewsHour - Judy’s Notebook: Amid the Noise, A Voice From the Center

  • POLITICO - Bloomberg criticizes Obama's leadership style, but praises his reaction to Benghazi

  • TV News Desk - NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg Guests on CBS THIS MORNING

  • The Wall Street Journal - In D.C., Bloomberg Laments Lack of Progress on Economy, Guns

  • The Washington Post - Mayor Bloomberg: Low taxes aren’t the most important priority for business

  • Washingtonian - At Record Speed, Michael Bloomberg Praises New York and Bashes Washington