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Photo Credit: The Economic Club of Washington, D.C./Joshua Roberts

About Membership

The Economic Club of Washington, D.C. is a nonprofit, peer group organization. Membership is exclusive to executive-level leaders of top tier businesses, whether based in the Washington region or elsewhere in the US. Through our programs, members gain valuable insight into global economic, business, and political issues that impact their companies’ success. Members also interact with peers in ways that strengthen the area business community and support their ability to effectively guide their firms’ commerce.


Benefits of Membership

Members may attend all regularly scheduled Signature Events during the year, gaining insight offered by international luminaries who share their expertise about pressing issues of the day. Annual membership dues cover the cost of attendance. Members may invite a limited number of guests to each event for a reasonable fee. Throughout the year, members enjoy additional opportunities to interact with one another through a variety of small group gatherings.


Becoming a Member

Economic Club membership is balanced to ensure a broad spectrum of perspectives; no industry, profession, or field of expertise is over-represented. 

Candidates for membership must be nominated by a current Club member and seconded by another member. The nominating and seconding members may not be from the same organization. The candidate’s biography and application form, which includes a statement of support from the nominating Club member, must be submitted to complete the nomination.

The Membership Committee meets regularly to consider nominations. Factors taken into account include the candidate’s business and professional achievements, governmental and diplomatic service, civic leadership, and area of expertise. No more than two members from the same company may be members of the Economic Club.