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Photo Credit: The Economic Club of Washington, D.C./Joshua Roberts

Mentoring Program

The Scholars to Leaders mentoring program connects our scholarship recipients with Economic Club members, emerging leaders, and alumni for supportive guidance to ensure successful college completion. Over the past six years, over 60 members and associates have served as mentors for Economic Club Scholars. Since January 2018, over 30 alumni have participated in the program, providing mentorship and guidance to new scholars. Our Mentoring Program includes six elements; goal setting and planning, Career exposure, leadership development, time management, encouragement, moral support and guidance. Through group events, one-on-one meetings, text messaging, emails, and phone calls, mentors provide the scholars with consistent encouragement to complete college and achieve post-graduate success.

Mentoring Program



The Mentor Monday series launched in 2020 to provide a virtual approach to group mentorship. Each month, members of the Scholars to Leaders community meet to discuss a variety of topics and provide scholars an opportunity to network with peers, members, alumni, and emerging leaders.

Upcoming Mentor Monday Event