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News coverage of The Economic Club of Washington, D.C.’s Signature Event on Tuesday, September 26, 2023, featuring The Honorable Glenn Youngkin, Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

ABC13 News - Governor Youngkin announces over $3.7M in grants to boost economic growth, workforce development

AP - Virginia Democrats warn Republicans will ban abortion; GOP says their rhetoric is fearmongering

Axios - Youngkin's nightmare: A GOP-led government shutdown

Bloomberg - Virginia’s Glenn Youngkin Signals Interest in Offices Beyond Governor

Fox News - Youngkin dismisses speculation of 2024 presidential run, says he's focused on Virginia's elections

Fox5 - Gov. Youngkin tamps down speculation about 2024 presidential run, says he's keeping his sights on Virginia

MarketWatch - Shutdown could hurt GOP in Virginia's elections this fall, and weigh on potential presidential candidate Glenn Youngkin

National Review - ‘Voters Should Choose’: Glenn Youngkin Shies away from Backing a Candidate in the 2024 GOP Primary

National Review - Youngkin 2024: A Terrific Idea That Will Never Work and Shouldn’t Happen

Richmond Times-Dispatch - Even with old boss, Youngkin ducks questions about presidency

The Hill – Youngkin ‘doesn’t expect’ to make endorsement in presidential primary

The Messenger - Virginia Republican Gov. Youngkin Says He Does Not Plan to Endorse GOP Presidential Candidate

The Washington Post - Alarmed Republicans are preparing to draft Glenn Youngkin

The Washington Post - Even his former boss can’t pin Youngkin down on running for president

US Today News - Even his former boss can’t convince Youngkin to run for president

Washington Examiner - Gov. Glenn Youngkin comments on age limits and says he won’t endorse in 2024 primary