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Photo Credit: The Economic Club of Washington, D.C./Joshua Roberts

Rex Tillerson

Chairman and CEO, Exxon Mobil Corporation | October 01, 2009
Assessed the current state of the energy industry and offered solutions for meeting future challenges.

Tillerson opened his remarks at the Economic Club by saying, “I think the Economic Club, over its history, has risen to become a premiere venue for discussing economic growth, job creation, and America’s future. For this reason, I can think of no better place and no better time to speak. The American people are looking for answers to reenergize our economy. Congress and the Administration are debating policy options on a range of fronts, including approaches to reduce the risk of climate change. America’s entrepreneurs and businesses are looking for sound, long-term energy and fiscal policies so they can invest in the future with renewed confidence.”

He continued to say that “Today, I want to talk about the role America’s energy industry plays in strengthening our economy, creating jobs, and generating value for the American people. It is a role that is often overlooked and, in my view, terribly underestimated. During the course of my remarks this evening, I’ll discuss the importance of the energy industry to our economy, the growing demand for energy around the world, the most effective means to reduce emissions and other environmental impacts from energy use, as well as the need for putting in place public policies that spur investment and innovation to ensure we reach those shared goals.”

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