Oscar Munoz

Chief Executive Officer, United Airlines | June 7, 2018
Highlighted United's new guiding principles and issues facing the airline industry.

During his conversation with David Rubenstein, Oscar Munoz, Chief Executive Officer of United Airlines discussed the evolution of his company and of the airline industry in general. He said that while the company has confronted challenging issues over the past several years, the most important outcome was learning from previous mistakes and changing policy to reflect the importance of customer care and empathy. Munoz also discussed industry issues such as ticket prices, flight reliability and cancellations, and the need to update air traffic control systems. In addition, Munoz reflected on the growth of United Airlines and the reasons why the airline industry will continue to be a good place to work in the future. “We have in this industry some of the best jobs in America… our greatest and most valuable asset is our humans and people that work with us,” he said.

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