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Photo Credit: The Economic Club of Washington, D.C./Joshua Roberts

The Honorable Larry Kudlow

Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and Director, National Economic Council | October 04, 2018
Analyzed domestic economic policy as well as global trade agreements.

In a period of strong economic growth in the United States, The Honorable Lawrence A. Kudlow, Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and Director of the National Economic Council, gave remarks on the state of the economy and his optimism for the future. “I believe we are in an economic boom. And virtually nobody expected this... We’ve had a switch in policies to an
incentive model of low tax rates, especially businesses, small business, [and a] major rollback  in deregulation," he said. During his conversation with David Rubenstein, Director Kudlow discussed global trade policy, noting that “the President wants a level playing field” in trade deals with countries such as Mexico, Canada, and China, and that deals such as the USMCA, NAFTA’s tentative replacement, are necessary improvements. On trade talks with China, Director Kudlow said the Administration has been disappointed with China's response to U.S. discussion efforts. "The process has slowed... we're always willing to talk, serious talks, anytime," he said. Director Kudlow also mentioned his transformative life experiences and his road to recovery from addiction to sobriety. “I say to people: It’s never hopeless. That’s what I learned." 


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