His Excellency Juha Sipilä

Prime Minister of the Republic of Finland | November 26, 2018

Prime Minister Sipilä was elected a member of the Finnish Parliament in 2011, and then as the leader of the Centre Party of Finland in 2012. Sipilä led his party to victory in the March 2015 General Elections, and subsequently formed a centre-right coalition government. He was appointed Prime Minister in June 2015. Prior to politics, Juha Sipilä had a very successful career in business.  In 1992, he started as a managing director of Solitra, a company producing components for mobile phones and networks. In 1994, he became the main owner of the company, which he later sold to an American ADC Telecommunications. He has also led his own business, Fortel Invest, a private equity and venture capital firm, and held a position of a Managing Director of Elektrobit Corporation, an engineering company which had affiliated companies in 16 countries including locations in Seattle, San Diego and Dallas among many other places.  Sipilä was also a Member of the Board of Directors in several other companies.

Prime Minister Sipilä received a Master of Science in Technology from the University of Oulu and holds the rank of Captain in the Finnish Defence Forces Reserves.

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