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Photo Credit: The Economic Club of Washington, D.C./Joshua Roberts

Adena T. Friedman

President and Chief Executive Officer, Nasdaq, Inc. | May 05, 2017
Shared why Nasdaq is the home to innovators and the future.

When introducing Adena Friedman, President Rubenstein informed the audience of Friedman’s previous role as the Chief Financial Officer for The Carlyle Group where she led Carlyle’s effort to go public.  When discussing the benefits of listing with Nasdaq over other exchanges, Friedman said, “…the first thing is that the top five companies in the world are listed on Nasdaq today. So we are the home to innovators. We’re the home to the future. We’re the home to those companies that really want to look at how they’re going to drive the economy forward.”  She went on to report that, “We’ve actually had almost a trillion dollars in market get switched to Nasdaq from New York because [companies] do want to affiliate themselves with the future and not the past.” 

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