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October 31, 2016

Explore the Economic Club's New Website

A Guide to The Economic Club of Washington, D.C.'s All-New Web Site

The new user friendly site provides the most current information about Club events and activities as well as past and future speakers and other news of note about the Club, its members and its history.


Economic Club members have access to a members-only section that will provide news and information reserved exclusively for members. This restricted access section also makes it possible for members to register to attend events directly through the web site. If you have any questions about accessing the section of the site restricted to members, please contact Clay Ballard at


Members of the media may register to attend events by clicking the Media Registration links on Upcoming Event pages. Print media outlets will be able to download event photos for publication through the Photo Gallery on the Media section of the web site.

Explore the Economic Club

In this section of the web site, visitors may review pages devoted to individual past speakers. Students and others interested in learning more about what past speakers at the Economic Club had to say about a wide range of critical issues impacting situations globally may search the web site by speaker name or area of expertise. Pages devoted to individual speakers  make it possible to view videos of the entirety of a speaker’s remarks at the Club, read a full transcript of remarks or scan selected quotes from that speaker’s remarks. Knowledge can be gleaned from internationally recognized leaders in 12 different fields including business and finance, economics, education, energy, federal government, health care, international, media, Members of Congress, national security, political commentators and public officials, and technology.

The Economic Club’s goal in launching the new web site, according to Mary Brady, Executive Director, is to make the invaluable knowledge and insight shared by the renowned leaders who speak at the Club more easily accessible to a global audience. “Members of the Economic Club of Washington strongly believe that it is very important that the information shared with them by some of the most highly regarded international leaders in fields of critical importance to the social and economic well-being of people all over the world be available to the greatest possible number of people.”

About The Economic Club of Washington, D.C.: The Economic Club of Washington, D.C., has for 30 years played a vital role in shifting the perception of Washington, D.C., from a focus on the city as the center of our national government to a growing awareness of the region as a global business destination. The Club provides a forum for prominent business and government leaders who have influenced economic and public policy both here and abroad. Featured speakers in recent years have included the President of the United States, a former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Speakers of the House of Representatives, heads of the Federal Reserve Board, every Secretary of the Treasury since 1986, other Cabinet members and government officials, and leaders of Fortune 100 corporations. The Economic Club consistently is ranked among the Top 10 speaking forums for CEOs. David M. Rubenstein, Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, The Carlyle Group, is the current President. Members represent over 650 businesses and organizations, located in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan region, that are at the forefront of the private sector economy.